HIDE THE GHOST (Last Rites for a Fading Dream)

I am so proud to announce that HIDE THE GHOST (Last Rites for a Fading Dream) is now available on Geishab0y Records and I am ever so grateful to Rich Mills for all his hard work and dedication on this project! The album is available on silver/grey vinyl and also CD. The CD has bonus tracks! Please check it out!

NEVER in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I’d be in the same advert as JAPAN and PRINCE and LINDA RONDSTADT etc. It’s almost surreal. I have Geishab0y Records to thank for this! Lots of hard work went Into this vinyl and CD release of HIDE THE GHOST. This album is in my mind, going to surprise many…including me! You can order here or directly from the label —>…/gnostic-gorilla…

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