ST. BASIL’S ASYLUM (Taking Over The Asylum)

LGP-ONE has re-released ‘St. Basil’s Asylum’ with a different track listing. This re-release is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and so many more. The CD version is going to be available in a matter of days! The decision was made to release St. Basil’s Asylum with tracks that have been recorded in 2017 that are more in concert with this version of the album than the original track listing released in 2015. The newer tracks, are ‘Cirque Nosferatu’ and ‘August Priest’. The CD version will now also have the remix of Berkshire Masquerade, the ‘Tomorrow’s Sorrow Mix’ (LGP MIX) that has been a part of the original digital release of October 2015.

PLEASE check out the entire Gnostic Gorilla discography on iTunes and CD Baby but also on BandCamp as well as Amazon CD. There are slight differences between what is available on CD and what is available on iTunes and Spotify etc.

Enjoy what is already a classic: St. Basil’s Asylum (Taking Over The Asylum)