The Secularization of Robotics




This album comes after the release of “St. Basil’s Asylum”, the first release for “Gnostic Gorilla”. Some of these tracks were actually written before the release of “St. Basil’s Asylum”, but most were not. “The Secularization of Robotics” explores many themes…questions of religion and modern society and everything in between. Some of the album is abrasive, some of it dark and yet other parts are mellow and atmospheric. The album begins with a sort of ‘prelude’ with “Catacombs” and ends with a triumphal remix of “Dictators and Holy Fools”! (Toxic Shock Therapy Mix)

You might feel like you are travelling within the soundtrack of a thriller or horror film and some of that is not totally by accident.

One of the tracks, “When Machines Weep” is a tribute to the ‘godfather of electronica’–Gary Numan! The title is not only a passing reference to his song from Replicas album “When the Machines Rock” but it is much more than that. Either way, I am grateful to Gary Numan–for the moments of ‘escape’ in my youth via his music.

The title track, “The Secularization of Robotics” was recorded in 2013, but I struggled immensely with the mixing. I let it go, not believing that it would ever see the light of day. Then, lo and behold, I discovered the track again and decided it would be the title track.

“Eye for a Lie” was originally titled “Gnostic Gorilla”. However I have since adopted that name as the name of the project and have renamed the track “Eye for a Lie”. Like “The Secularization of Robotics” I thought it was never going to see the light of day, but once again…time changes our perception.

“Dictators and Holy Fools” is one of the most bizarre tracks I have ever done in some ways. The Remix “Toxic Shock Therapy Mix” is indeed quite powerful!

The world has enough “pop songs” and I am not trying to add to that genre! It is important to say here for the record that in no way is this recording ‘perfect’. Far from it. I am not an engineer, nor am I any sort of genius. I try and find ways to ‘mess’ with sounds and concepts…and here we are. To be clear, there is a conscious decision to think outside of the box. I hope I have succeeded somewhat.

Dean Mason

NB: the Digital version available on iTunes and Amazon and many other mp3 sites has two extra tracks: “Cyber Sadhu and Haunted Fever”. The CD version does not include those two tracks. The CD version is available through Amazon:

Amazon CD-Secularization of Robotics

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