Hello all. Lots of new items to report. First of all, “Freak’s Mind” is dong very well. This album wasn’t completely planned and yet it turned out to be one of Gnostic Gorilla’s most loved albums on the indie label “LGP-ONE”. Already, two tracks have been a part of compilations.

“Freak’s Mind is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and most digital music providers as well as the official Gnostic Gorilla Band Camp page.
Freak’s Mind Band Camp

Continuing on, “Shaman Rave” will be released by Cleopatra Records in the months ahead, most likely in the Summer. This is a kick ass album! Period!

Gnostic Gorilla is a part of a compilation by Nowhere Now Records (Australia) and as well, this same label will be releasing a “Nowhere Now Records Best Of Gnostic Gorilla” (actual title TBA). More on all of this soon.

Nowhere Now Records Compilation Featuring Gnostic Gorilla

KL-Dark Records (Germany) will be releasing in May, 2019 a sort of ‘best of’ type deal called “Chasing Phantoms”. More on this very soon.

KL-DARK Records

I’ve been asked to write lyrics and record vocals for an Australian Band called CRIX IIIX. The two tracks are “Doomsday Sadhu” and “Scent of a Ghost”. That will be released on their EP in the weeks ahead.

Finally, here are some (of many) new interviews that I’ve participated in recently.

Pete’s Rock News and Views Interview with Dean Mason

Review Fix Interview

Natliez Interview

More news to come in the near future. Cheers.

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