Today on Banadcamp and soon on iTunes and Spotify and all other digital music suppliers, the EP “LITANY” is released! This is the final instalment of all things “BLEEDING RAVEN”! With “LITANY”, I conclude my so called recording adventures and call it a day! I will explain more on this before the end of this news release, but first of all, apparently according to some people (with better hearing than I) “LITANY” is a powerful sonic offering! It’s very haunting, and dark and certainly creepy and even borders on disturbing. Don’t listen to it if you’ve got a high fever or are on some sort of psychedelics…you might never return to sanity. 

It was important for me to finish this little, yet intense EP sooner than later because of my hearing issues. So, I got to it in the last few days and gave it all I have…and I have nothing left. Lots of energy went into this and I’m proud of it in the sense that I was able to finish something I started and apparently is a success. (that’s a relative term of course)

As I said at the start, this is my final bow so to speak. I’m not trying to be dramatic but I’ve had even more setbacks with my hearing issues and I fear that the ear that is somewhat functional is possibly going the way of the other…and I am very much afraid of SSHL also being a reality in that ear as well. I’m terrified actually.

Some people say, not to be cruel of course, but they say that “cohlear implants” are a solution but little do they know that once we are at that stage, I will hear people’s voices like they were robot voices or something like that. It’s just not the same. Music? Forget it!

Now I enquired more than once with the specialists, asking them if having been involved in recording is an issue and they says very emphatically that SSHL is NOT caused by noise or recording but by a virus or actually, often, they just don’t know. So that’s where we are at. BUT…I’m no longer taking a chance, I did this last EP before any possible further hearing loss. I also needed to know as well HOW I would do with recording in my present impaired situation and while I was able to do something…it was taxing. I can’t do it anymore. So it ends here.

Much thanks to so many people who have been absolute angels for me one way or another.

My goal now is to just enjoy hearing the voices of my loved ones before it all goes. I so wish I was writing another kind of update.

So…here is “LITANY”